Here at festival essentials we have years of experience of festival camping. We have made a checklist so you don’t forget anything. There is nothing worse than turning up to the venue and then realising that some of the most important things to make your stay fun and comfortable, are sat in your garage at home!

We could go on forever so here are the top 20 festival essentials.

  1. Festival Ticket Money, but don’t carry too much. Remember there will be cash machines on site.
  2. Tent (Test pitch the weekend before to check your tent is complete).
  3. Sleeping bag
  4. Air bed / roll mat
  5. Fleece blanket
  6. Folding chair / stool
  7. Torch/ head torch, with spare batteries.
  8. Towel, shower kit, toothbrush, paste,
  9. Loo roll, wet wipes and sun screen
  10. Water carrier,  to take advantage of the free drinking stations on site.
  11. Sunscreen/hat/glasses .
  12. Warmer clothes for night time or to sleep in, sweatshirt and fleece jackets are perfect
  13. Waterproof jacket or waterproof poncho.
  14. Wellies / boots
  15. Mobile phone charger (you will drain your battery taking photos )
  16. Plastic bag / bin bags for storage wet clothes.
  17. Stove and cooking equipment.
  18. Gaffer tape quick and easy repairs to tent flysheets and tent poles.
  19. Rucksack/ holdall/ festival trolley to carry everything from the car park
  20. Most importantly don’t forget your beer  !