Make every event a 100% success!

  1. sideimagesMake sure you put up your tent before you go, you don’t want to get to the festival to find parts of your tent missing.
  2. When packing use a rucksack it is the easiest way to carry everything from the car park to the campsite. A 65ltr rucksack is a perfect size, any smaller you won’t fit it all in any larger you will find yourself taking stuff you won’t use and don’t need.
  3. Arrive early to get a good spot to pitch your tent, try not to pitch to close to the toilets as these can start to smell. If you go in a group form a circle with your tent’s facing into each other and club together to buy a gazebo so you all have a dry area to gather
  4. Make friends with the people camping around you This will make your time more fun and means you’ll have some friendly neighbours to borrow camping accessories from if you need to!
  5. Buy a water carrier to take with you as they will have a free fill up post. It will save you buying bottled water and paying over the odds.
  6. Don’ t forget to equip yourself for all weathers as it is the uk. remember your wellies as well as your sunnies
  7. Take some pee bags with you as this will save you trudging off to the toilet in the night
  8. Take a supply of wet wipes and dry shampoo as there will be big queues in the morning at the showers and this give you extra time to catch up on some needed sleep after a big night
  9. Remember to take a torch or lantern to find your way back to your tent in the dark. Also a flag would be ideal to recognise your tent amongst a full camp site
  10. Carry any valuables with you rather than leaving them in the tent, or use the site’s lockers, if they have them. Just don’t lose the key!
  11. Keep your cash and bank cards in different places on your person, rather than all in your wallet. Put money in different pockets and in your bag so you can’t lose everything at once.
  12. Keep your clothes dry in your tent by storing them in plastic bags or bin bags.
  13. When sleeping, put your valuables in a hidden place like the bottom of your sleeping bag, to protect you against opportunist thieves.
  14. Stock up on instant sachets of tea and coffee, save you having to walk to the food wagons early in the morning
  15. Finally enjoy yourself, make sure you upload and share your pictures on our Facebook page.